Ideas to Paintings!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I just recently purchased a Tablet PC in order to paint more during meetings and such while at work. I did some very basic sketches while on the plane back home for the Holidays and really wanted to finish them up when I got home. The Tablet PC unfortunately isn't properly color adjusted yet...trying to fix it, but right now it saturates the crap out of everything, and lacks proper contrast, so anything coming out of my tablet pc for now will be either quite simple, or as basic idea for me to fully express on a desktop computer :).

I finished two in the last two nights using my desktop/wacom tablet:

And here's what I started with, all done on Tablet PC:

**Image lost during 2012 gallery DEBACLE :(!

And one I finished tonight - inspired by a gorgeous necklace Andre gave me for Christmas.

Also started on Tablet PC while on a plane:

 **Image lost during 2012 gallery DEBACLE :(!

Yay, starting my year off productive-style! One more to go :D, though I really feel like I should draw some dudes....soon. So many womens!

The Tablet PC situation is fun though, I'm learning to treat it as a separate tool rather than any kind of replacement for a pc + wacom tablet. Hopefully things will start all meshing together even better soon :D!


Grace "MingYun" Fong said...

Hey, Jen,

I've been looking into getting a tablet PC for a year or so now (well, when I get a real job). What kind of tablet PC is it?

Jen Zee said...

Hi Graceeee :D! The one I have is a Toshiba M750 - it works great :d. You have to do some tweaking and stuff, but it's a great tool :d.