Cassandra Cain as BLACKBAT

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello dear friends! Here's a result of two-evening's allocated doodle time :). I got caught up in this one, though I'll share the rough with you, as well as some alternate versions that were a result of an artist's indecisiveness ;D.

Here's the piece with BUILDLING. I had a vision in my head... I also sort of wanted to move on but essentially, I only brought it half way and wussed out. Either way, it seems worth sharing but ultimately not my preference for a final ;D.

Sometimes simple is best!:
Finally, here is an early version of this painting. I almost left it at this. I had reached a point where my inner dialogue was telling me "If I touch it anymore, I'll only make it worse". I find it's sometimes worth heeding those feelings (gotta know when to put down the brush!), by putting an extra %5 in trying to overcome them in order to see whether you're actually right! In this case, I'm very happy I continued on, and am somewhat horrified that I would've considered posting the image in this state XD. Of course, there are tradeoffs... I think I prefer the arm positioning in this rough stage, but upon tightening up the piece, it just didn't "work" either because my skills are lacking, or the body simply doesn't work that way (or in reality...probably a combination of both). In hindsight I also prefer the more controlled color palette here and regret making some of the tones too warm. To quote Regina Spektor....Color, you are my sweetest downfall!

**Sorry this is so small - Blogspot deleted all my images and I can only find a version of this as a thumbnail stored in google image's cache :(.

TL;DR random ramblings on Cass Cain/DC Comics: I love Cassandra Cain so much so that I am willing to forgive this particular character design which I find vaguely distasteful... I adjusted the design in a couple ways that I find more agreeable. What are your thoughts on the upcoming DC reboot? Personally, I am a bit tired of how fraught with inconsistencies the universe has been the last couple of years - maybe it'd been inconsistent for far longer, but I hadn't emotionally invested so much in a character before - but perhaps with the reboot we'll see a new age of the DCU :)!

Regardless of Cass' fate in the new DCU, here's to an amazing character and her amazing series.


[B]ehram said...

damnnnnnn, they are all nice from rough to finish!

Dingo said...

I love this take on Bat Girl. Amazing job man. And also great job on the bastion art. You rock, Jen. :)

o.o said...

Bastion is awesome, your art is awesome, you're awesome :3

Uncle Nick said...

Beautiful work, saw this on Scans Daily. Are the wrappings on her wrists supposed to recall Grendel?

chibiwow said...

Aweserb! That was awesome and superb by the way! Just creating higher level adjectives for the exceptional talent. :D wow accounts for sale

-Kalen Chock- said...

I finally able to check out some of the art on bastion!!! holy shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt , its awesome , i wish could play it on my mac :( no fair haha ne ways keep up the inspiration!!

Tyson Murphy said...

AWESOME. I love love your work. super inspiring.

Gametrender said...

This is brilliant stuff-how well does it translate in game though?

Dave said...

It looks absolutely lovely! Though it would appear the version with the building is a broken link. Could you please repost that one? I'd love to see it! :D