Rainbow Guards

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm so happy I finally found the time/willpower to finish this one. Recently, I've been having a lot of fun painting textures by hand, and it manifested itself in a painting which is (I hope) in the spirit of paintings I love. I wanted to express the seed of the "Rainbow Guard" idea (created by re-reading Game of Thrones in preparation for Dance with Dragons), though this is a markedly different interpretation of the idea!

Anyway, I should...try to draw more than TWO CHARACTERS in one scene?! Sigh! Anyway, now that Bastion is out, I'll hopefully be getting more time to pursue personal work... Sometimes when working on extended projects and being confined to a particular style I find it's easy to accidentally slip into "auto-art" mode where you paint without thinking much about what you're painting, why you're choosing a color, or whether you should place a shadow. Time for me to retrain a lot of skills that have a thick coating of rust! :D

For those of you who got the chance to play Bastion, I hope you enjoyed your time with it! It's coming out for Steam in one week, and the Soundtrack is also out (I'll post some cover art later!). Check it!:

Steam Page


ivanka k said...

This piece is wonderful, love the colours, love the amount of detail and composition! Well done!

Thiago Mello said...

well done! :)

Mathieu Beaulieu said...

I'm glad to have found the artist behind Bastion.
You have such a terrific talent!

ninjahq said...

You're work has been OUT OF SIGHT lately! Have you considered doing an artbook? I would snap it up in a hot second :)

Justin said...

I just love your work. Pure and simply awesome.

Logan said...

I'm going to purchase the Bastion soundtrack, could you please autograph my copy Jen? :D