Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stuff has kind of exploded in my life lately, so been rather busy! I'm moving to San Jose to work at Gaia on what will hopefully be totally awesome :).

I finally sat down and painted like mad for a few hours, and here's the work in progress! Shyeahhh I added some poor fewl who's getting owned with the easy in the corner :). Should be finished within the next day or two I hope (Gotta pack! Six days until I leave!)


Saigonradio said...

Oh this is very nice. I do have to say that I enjoy your wip of this pic better than this version because I think the other one has a greater sense of mass and lighting. Other than that, this is still very awesome.

Laine said...

I like the armor detail and the sakura petals :3

Anonymous said...

i have to say, your art is bad ass! hope all is well. :)

Brian McD said...

Hey Jen,

This is Brian McDonald.

Thanks for the nice post on my blog. Plus it was just nice to hear from you and what you're
up to.

I'd rather that the Invisible Ink stuff didn't get out too much before it gets published. But a lot of the stuff is on my blog. You can send people there if you want.

Glad to hear that you got something from me as a teacher. Thanks for letting me know.

Also, nice work here on your blog!

-- Brian

Guillaume said...

JENZEE! You have a blog! +D I always love seeing more of your art, your paintings are soooo sexy T_T. And I hear you work at Gaia now, good stuff! Take it easy~ :D

Augie said...

Jen, great art you have going on here. Came across your stuff on Deviant. Always good to see more local talent. Also cool to see you've been to Brain's story class. I can't say enough about his workshops. Invaluable. Keep up the good work!

sticker said...

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