San Jose, Internetless and stuff!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gah! Sorry I haven't responded to any of you lovely people yet! I swear it'll be the next thing I do :).

Wooo, so I'm finally settling into my job here in San Jose... Gaia is awesome! Working on a game (MMORPG even) is awesome! Working with other artists is awesome! Everything is all around kickass though nothing is ever *perfect* right? :) But yeah, as a first job in he art/video game industry I really can't complain too much. San Jose is a little too hot/sunny for my taste, but luckily I spend most of my days indoors, inside a cubicle (sounds somewhat deranged.... but my Seattle friends will know what I mean I think :)).

I've done a ton of art in the last two months, though most of it isn't anything I can show. I guess that's the downside of working on stuff like this - you have to wait a million years until all the work you've been slaving away at can be shared. It doesn't help that I haven't had internet at home for these two months (which also explains my lack of replying)! BUT anyway... on to the art!

Finished product :) Thanks for all of your tips/feedback guys!

Quick sketch and color layout for another Bat-fanart. Robin and Batgirl thing tickled me once more when I was internetless and bored.

And a portion of another work in progress :). Just for kicks!


Dave said...

HOLY @$#% for someone who's moving you are still grinding
hardcore-AWESOME palettes across the board and truly beautiful -of course the the MK print is yours-hit me up on my email link on the blog with where you want it sent-D

gem2niki said...

*O* DAMN!!! They look so good...For some reason your perky personality doesn't show up in your dramatic mature looking paintings. *wait i think a lot of artists are like that...* Such pretty lighting and designs. *teach me!!*

Nexxorcist said...

i am so glad i found someone else who likes Robin and Batgirl. Too bad Nightwing totally ownz much more than those two! haha ;)


Phenomenal work I'm always amazed by artists who have comprehension wit both color and Photoshop skills. You have it in spades. This one is really amazing.

Ramses said...

Awesome art !!!very inspired

splendid said...

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