Another update in forever....

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm so bad at updating my crap! Been really busy with work stuff, so not a lot of time for new work, but here's some new stuff anyway :).

Asterion Unit, a melee unit in the my pet RTS concepting project :). He's in the same world as the chick below him :). More to come!

Done for the Street Fighter Tribute Book :). Woo Ibuki and Vega! Didn't have much time to do this, but I'm pretty satisfied with the end result given the time :).

Metal Gear. Gray Fox as a kid ;). I drew this before MGS4 came out, so I swear I didn't rip the look off of [spoilers] ;).

 More Metal Gear!

Thanks for looking guys :) Comment/criticism/feedback/anything appreciated!


Saigonradio said...

Dang haven't seen you on in forever. Very nice art works. I love the composition and dynamics of the SF pic. That rocks.

Jeffrey Kaplan said...

So, having been impressed with the recent DOTA loading screens, I was looking at Kunkka's deviant art page, and then started flipping through his favorites, and there was this one image that caught my eye, and I clicked on it and was looking at it and thought to myself "wow this almost reminds me of jen zee's style" (having not seen any of your new stuff since our old elfwood days), I looked to the top of the page and LO AND BEHOLD, blast from the past it was you. Anyways, you are still one of the most amazing artists I've ever seen, and I'm really glad to see you've kept up with it (and your new stuff is incredible). Sorry if you're looking for constructive criticism; you won't be getting any from me. Hope your life is going well, sounds like it is (I poked around your various websites). Take care ^_^

Josh Kao said...

wow those first 2 characters are badass, i really like the style you did them in and the design is super cool

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