Shenanigans and not so Shenanigans!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dudley Madness! I don't know what came over me, I love his taunt though. I have no experience with comic strips and such so sorry if this is terrible :(. Maybe I can get better! The "comic" part was done before the bust shot - they actually originated as sketches for the bust shot, but I ended up throwing them out XD. Went back and inked them, since I thought it might be fun (and it was!)!

Lastly, I have a bad habit of getting distracted/wanting to draw something else mid-painting, so just though I'd show you guys a WIP of the other piece I'm working on ;D! Lately I've been revisiting a lot of my favourite pre-raphaelite artists and have developed a huge urge to just....paint...knights....and fabric.

 **Image lost...FOREVER :(. It's was just a progress shot!


Anonymous said...

Aha, Dudley and Chun-Li! Funny taunt joke. Are you a Street Fighter fan Jen?

Best of wishes on Bastion and keep up the great work : )