Mechanical Studies

Friday, November 5, 2010

I have told myself over and over again that I should start trying to "learn" technical design - and now I am finally going to take the dive. This is super intimidating for me, but I refuse to believe I can't conquer it *POSITIVE THINKING!!!*. My first of hopefully many studies - In hindsight I should've probably chosen something simpler so I could pay more attention to how the mechanisms work together, rather than just getting caught up in the finer details of colors/making things balance correctly. I guess it's all learning either way, but I was expecting something different! I had to make up the parts hidden by the cables, but other than that I was pretty much completely referencing the photo.

I'm not gonna lie....

This was not the most fun thing I have ever done. Aside from the perspective and mechanical errors, I'm also vaguely disappointed and frustrated by the somewhat over-rendered/stiff quality of how it came out. I'm sort of at a loss in terms of how to bring the "soul" back to this, but I'll sleep on it. I doodled in a random no-context woman with no top since it seemed appropriate (!?!?!). Robot + scantily clad woman is apparently, the only way I can think of to make this better! Maybe I'll go back and finish up the woman, but at this point I'm sort of "done" with this haha.

The orange was pleasing to me before but now burns my eyes! LOL

The reference photo: