Oh fandome.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I can't let go. I love Cassandra Cain too much. I MEAN WHAT IF SHE WERE NIGHTWING?!?!?! The post of Nightwing is empty!!!!11111ONEONEELEVENNNN COME ON DC T_T.

I couldn't resist. Just tonight's doodle :).

Cassandra Cain and Nightwing are Copyright DC Comics.


Thomas Denmark said...

you, sir, are an amazing artist. I love your work.

Jen Zee said...

Thanks Thomas - I'm super flattered you think so :). I found my way to your blog and your work is gorgeous. I'm almost sure I recognize some of it from books I've paged through!

Nexxorcist said...

omfg that'd be AWESOME!!