Game of Thrones CCG Art

Monday, March 14, 2011

In the midst of frantic Bastion work, I noticed that a couple pieces of work I did for FFG awhile back had been released, so thought I'd share! :)

I am a huge, gigantic, ridiculous fan of Game of Thrones series, and have been for 13 years, so it was with GREAT satisfaction and excitement that I was able to contribute to the Game of Thrones CCG!

The cards are for the Brotherhood Without Banners set:

Driftwood Crown

Fallen and Reborn

Ser Eldon Estermont

Lord of Light Protect Us

Thanks to George R. R. Martin for creating such an amazing work of fiction! I can't wait for the fifth book and the HBO series :D~!!!!! Also, thanks of course to FFG for giving me such fun assignments! AHHH. I seriously am concerned that development on Bastion will interfere with my ability to watch the series. I am not afraid to admit this. XD

I want to say "BY ODIN'S BEARD" more often in real life. I want to be taken seriously when I say it. I have been exposed to too. much. THOR. lately. Though honestly, is there really such a thing as TOO MUCH THOR?


Charlène Le Scanff said...

Your art is so amazing! Love the third one...

Jeffrey Lai said...

They all have such great mood!
great stuff

Shushi said...

Very good works!
I wanna be like u!!!

Hayley said...

I am from the UK and I really want to buy a Couple of pieces of your art work... How can I do this? Kind regards, Hayley