Snowy Bastion Art

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Kid in the wintery lands of the Tazal Terminals! The long(er) story behind this is a request from Valve for some new winter sale promotional artwork. I talked to Greg, our creative director and we decided it'd be fun to poke light fun at a couple of the AAA titles' promotional artwork at the time - no names shall be named - but the main characters all sported the same pose. Of course, I think the goal was lost on everyone but me once I finished it, so it just ended up being a illo of the Kid being "badass" XD.

It's really strange to think about the time I spent on Bastion... it hardly even seems real, thinking back on it! We were always in such a rush to get everything we wanted into the game that I think it was easy to overlook the fact that we had in our hands something with the potential to reach out and touch the souls of kindred spirits...! If you've played Bastion, I hope your experience was positive, and even though I'm certainly not 100% proud of EVERYTHING in the game (let's face it, an artist's work is never done!), I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with such an excellent team to create something that truly came from the heart :).

If you'd like to use this as a wallpaper, you can find a couple of resolutions over at the Supergiant Games website here! (Scroll down a bit): [link]


iamcurt said...

I fully enjoyed the game and have images of the artwork in my "inspirations" folder.

JazRubino said...

:D I love this! And the War Machete is one of my favorite weapons in the game. -w-
Also, this is no doubt "badass". :3

BambinoMonkey said...

awesome work here!

aang said...

whoa! awesome!

Louie Seiffer said...

Man, this is so bloody awesome. Looks like you have an amazing talent and you are getting paid for doing what you love.
Yeah, not feeling jealous at all..